UEGPoker Site Manual
Overall Layout
UEGPoker.com’s social network consist of a header containing the sites main navigation along with an HTML5 music player and an auto-finish player search bar. The main section of the site comes as either a two or three column fluid layout depending on the page you are on. The site also features a one column fluid layout for any mobile users that come to the site.
3-Column Layout
In the 3 column layout you will find your social networking navigation in the left column. This is where you will find everything from your Inbox to your Game History. The center column will feature that current page’s main content. The right column will have a short list of Community Hosts and Friends of your’s along with several advertisement spots.
3-Column Layout
2-Column Layout
The 2-column layout is a lot like the 3-column except that the right column has been removed and the main content space gets wider. You will still have you social networking navigation in the left column.
2-Column Layout
1-Column Layout
The one column layout is for mobile users. The header has been shrunk and all of the columns are now stacked on top of each other. Also now you will notice a list icon in the top left corner. Tap this and it will bring up your main navigation where you will be able to get to any of your desired pages. Both your main navigation along with your social networking navigation have been combined into one for convenience on the mobile platform.
1-Column Layout

Main Navigation
These are your main pages of the social network and the links are located inside the header bar on your desktop browser. On mobile, these links are revealed when you click the menu button in the top left.
Home Page
The Home Page of UEGBingo.com’s social network is where you go to find your Live Feed. This feed will keep you update on what all of your friends are up to. You also can reply to your friends by leaving a comment on their post! Not only can you follow your friends post from this page but you can also create your own personal post for all of your friends to see.
Home Page
My Profile
The My Profile page is where you go to get a preview of what your profile looks like to others. The Profile feed shows all of your posts and any replys that your friends have made to them. You can also make a new post from this page. In the post input box there is also an option to add a link to your post by clicking the link icon and putting the desired URL into the input box. You can also delete posts or comments by click the red X in the top right corner.
My Profile
Buy Credits
Buy Credits allows you to add credits to your account so that you can play any of UEG’s online games.
Play Now
Play Now is where you go to get into the game! This page allows you to be able to play a game of bingo with any of your friends or just a random group of strangers. Play Now is where you go to win big!
Play Now

Welcome Pages
These are the first pages you will see when visiting UEGPoker.com. From these pages you can log in, register, learn how to play poker, learn the tournament rules, or just learn a little more about UEG.
The Welcome Page is the first place you will go when visiting any UEG site. From here you can create an account real fast or if you already have one you can sign in from here too. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it is easy!
Sign Up Now
Now if you are ready to start playing but don’t have an account with UEGPoker.com yet then this is the page for you. It only takes a few minutes and barely any information at all and your ready to go. There is a whole social network on the other said just waiting for you to come and join in on the fun!
Sign Up Now
How to Play
If you don’t know how to play poker or need a quick refresher we have a page just for that!
How to Play
Tournament Rules
This is where you need to go to find out the basic tournament rules that UEGPoker.com follows.
Tournament Rules

Create an Account
There are two ways that you can create an account with UEGPoker.com. One is going to the Sign Up Now page or you can go the quicker route and sign up straight from the Welcome page. Either way you choose is quick, easy, and only takes a small amount of information.
  1. Navigate to UEGPoker.com http://www.uegpoker.com
  2. Input Your First Name ( ex. Marcus )
  3. Input Your Last Name ( ex. Stevens )
  4. Create Your Display Name ( ex. MStevens0345 )
  5. Input Your Email Address ( ex. ms0345@gmail.com )
  6. Create Your Password ( ex. must be 6 characters long )
  7. Confirm Your Password ( ex. same as #6 )
  8. Select Your Birthday ( ex. 4/16/1974 )
  9. Select Option ( ex. show only month & day )
  10. Select your Sex ( ex. male )
  11. Read and and Agree to Terms of Service
  12. Click Register
Sign Up Form

Social Network
These pages are where you go to mingle with friends, set limits for yourself, add photos, create events, etc. The links to these pages are located in the left column on your desktop computer and on mobile they are revealed when the menu button in the top left corner is clicked.
Game Section
Game History
In the Game History page there is a full report on all of the games you have played, what you have won, and what you have lost. It lists out the date and time of the game you played, the game number, the amount of chips you started with, the amount of chips you ended with, and the total win/loss of the game for you.
Game History
Daily Time Limit
The Daily Time Limit page is where you can go to set up a reminder when you have played a certain amount of time. You choose the time (in minutes) of how long that you want to play and then the game will send you a reminder when that time limit has been reached.
Daily Time Limit
Daily Spending Limit
The Daily Spending Limit is where you can go to set yourself a spending limit for the day. When you have reached this limit the game will dent further play until the next day. Make sure you set the correct limit because it takes 7 days to undue the limit once it is set.
Daily Spending Limit
Communication Section
The Inbox page is where you can send and receive messages. Anytime someone sends you a private message or replies to one of yours it will appear here. To compose a new message just click the Compose Mail button in the top right corner. If you want to delete a message just click the X in the far right corner of the message.
The Events page is where you can go to create an event and invite all of your friends to it. This is also where you will go to RSVP to any invites that you have recieved. When creating an event you will also be given the choice to allow your friends to invite a certain amount of their friends as well. To create a new events just click Create New Event.
The Notifications page is where you can go to see all the social network activity pertaining to you and your friends. If someone sends you a new message, uploads a new photo, etc. it will be posted here.
Profile Section
The Photos page is where you can upload and view photos. When uploading photos you have the choice of uploading more then one photo at a time. You can then take your uploaded photos and add them to an album that you create. To update your profile photo upload a picture to the Profile Photos album, then click to view that photo and click Make Default Photo.
Friends & Invite Friends
The Friends pages are where you go to either view a list of your friends, find friends already within the network, or invite new ones from other social networks. This is also where you accept or deny pending friend invites that were sent to you.
The Info page contains all information that you have chosen to make public. This could include your name, birthday, gender, relationship status, and biography. All of this information can be update in the Settings page

Profile Settings
The settings page is where you can customize the content of your profile, change your password, customize your URL, update your contact info, or delete your profile all together. The link to this page can be found in the drop-down menu on the right side of the header.
  1. About Me
    This is where you update Name, Birthday, Relationship, etc.
  2. Change Display Name
    This is where you update the name displayed on your Profile.
  3. Change Password
    This is where you can update your password for security.
  4. Personalize URL
    This is where you can create a custom URL for your Profile.
  5. Biography
    This is where you can update your profile Biography.
  6. Contact Information
    This is where you update all of your contact information such as your email, phone, and address.
  7. Education
    This is where you can update your information on your schooling.
  8. Work
    This is where you can update information on your current employment situation.
  9. Delete Account
    This is where you can delete your entire account.
Profile Settings

Navigating the Game
The UEGPoker.com desktop game is extremely easy to use and amazingly fun! There are plenty of features that you can use to your benefit.
Lobby Table
This is the page where you get to choose what table you would like to play at. You can browse the tables by click the left and right arrows or by searching through the list of them in the bottom left corner. When you have found a game that you would like to play click the button “Go To Table”.
Lobby Table
Game Table
You are almost ready to play! Just find the seat that you would like an click sit here. A pop up window will show up asking you to buy in to the game. Choose your buy in amount and click ok. Now you are ready to roll!
Game Table
In-Game Actions
Great now you are playing! Just watch out for the timer around your avatar when it is your turn. If you don’t choose an action before then it will automatically fold you for the hand. The actions are in the bottom of the page and you can choose to Fold, Call, or Raise. Increase or decrease the amount of your raise by sliding the bar at the bottom.
In-Game Actions
Account Verification
UEG has specific guidelines that you must follow to be able to play any of our online casino games. We want to make sure that all of our users are legally able to be playing through our network.
Age Verification
UEG requests identity verification documents to help enhance the security of your account. All documents must be scanned and sent in a pdf format. Make sure that the documents are easily read. The best way to send these documents, to make sure that we receive them, is to email all documents to verification@uegpoker.com using the email address associated to your account. We would like to reassure you that we operate under a strict privacy policy. Any documents you send will be handled by trained staff and stored in a secure location in accordance with the Data Protection laws with which we have to comply.
Accepted Types of Government-Issued ID’s
We accept a number of different documents to verify your age:
  • National Passport
  • Government-Issued ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Forces ID Card
  • Citizen-Card T or PASS Card
Accepted Types of Address Verification
UEG accepts the following documents for address verification:
  • Gas, water, electric, cable TV or phone bill - no older than three months
  • Bank statement - no older than three months
  • Credit card statement - no older than three months
  • Household or motor insurance certificate (no older than 12 months).
Verification by IP
UEG will verify a users location through their IP address. This will give us the users Country, State, City, and ZIP code. Depending on location a user may denied access to the game.
Account Security
UEG has very strict security guidelines to help insure your safety playing any one of our games. We want to create a fun and safe atmosphere for our users so that they may play and have no worries about their account information or funds.
Deposit Issues
If you receive an error message when depositing, your account will need to pass an additional Security review. In order to assist us with this review, we ask you to first check the inbox of your registered email account and provide us with the explanations and/or documentation requested in the email. Should you need to provide documentation, please email them to verification@uegpoker.com using the email address associated to your account. Please allow us up to 72 hours to review your case. In the event we require further information we will reply with the request as soon as we can. If no further review is necessary, we will notify you via email when your account has been cleared for all real money transactions.
Purchase Limit Increase
To increase your deposit limits please send an email to support@uegpoker.com using the email address associated to your account. Include a scanned copy of your Government issued ID, and copies of your credit card and bank statements if you use the following deposit methods: Echeck ELV, Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard etc). Once you have self imposed a weekly deposit limit and confirmed it by entering your password, we are unable to override it or modify it. The new deposit limit cannot be modified for the next 7 days. Once said time period has expired, you can remove the self imposed limit by going to the Daily Spending Limit section. The limit will then be removed after a further 24 hours.
E-Check Related Issues
Due to the nature of this deposit method (Instant eCheck), we may not always be able to provide it as a deposit option. If the option is not showing on your Cashier screen we are unable to offer it to you as a deposit option at the present time. Also note that we will often change the deposit options available to players based on account standing. If one of your eChecks is returned, Please log into your account and make a deposit via the Cashier to cover the negative balance, using deposit options available to you at that stage. To deposit you will need to select the ‘Buy Chips’ button in the main Cashier screen. If you don’t know the reasoning for your check being returned please contact support@uegpoker.com. If you have had a returned check in the past your current eCheck may not be directly deposited into your account, even if you recieved an email. It may take up to 10 days for this eCheck to fully settle into your account so that you may use it to play. If you need to change or create a new eCheck account please email support@uegpoker.com and we will assist you further.

You may request a cashout or withdrawl at anytime from your account. Users may only have one pending cashout at any given time. If you need to request more money, please cancel your current pending withdrawl and resubmit a new one with the correct amount. You will also need to cancel your pending cashout if you need to change the mailing address that it is being sent to. You may not be able to see your current pending cashout in your transaction history. This is because it is being reviewed by our security team. There is nothing to worry about this is a routine procedure that may take up to 72 hours. If you want to have your cashout put back onto the VISA card that you used to deposit choose the VISA option in the menu. Reasons that this option wouldnt be available are:

  • You haven’t made at least one purchase with a CFT eligible VISA in the last six months
  • Your VISA card has expired or is due to expire in the current month
  • Your cashout request to VISA is between USD 100 to USD 6,500 (please check with your card issuer for individual limits).

If you recieve a message instructing you to contact Support you account may need to pass additional security reviews before your cashout or withdrawl can take place. When emailing support@uegpoker.com please include a copy of your government-issued ID card. When you recieve a transfer of money from another player you may not withdrawl that money from your account. According to UEG’s End User License Agreement:

  • A receiving User agrees that they may only use the funds from an account transfer to play the Games and not for any other purpose.
  • Users cannot cash out funds directly received from a transfer.

If you have an account that you want removed from your cashout options please email support@uegpoker.com from the email address associated with your account. Please also include an explanation of why you want to remove the account and/or why it is no longer available to you. You must do this before submitting your cashout. Also, if you are submitting for a cashout or withdrawl from a different country then the one associated with your account it would be best if you emailed support explaining the reasons behind the country mismatch.

Player to Player Real Money Transfers
UEG gives you the option to transfer money to another player on the UEG Network. The minimum amount that you can transfer is $0.01 but the maximum depends on account status and previous history with UEG. With some larger transfers we may want to do a verification over phone or by email this is just for added security. There is a security feature called Tranfer Out that will allow you to set a limit on how much can be transfered from your account daily. To send money across different currency both sender and receiver must have the transfer currency as an option for their account. If your receieving funds from another player and the money isn’t in your account yet please contact that sender directly to inquire. Your account may not have the option to send or recieve transfers from other players. This just means that your account may need to pass an additional security review. If you have recently made a deposit using an eCheck those funds may not be available for transfer for upto 10 days when the check settles in your account. You may not send money through the UEG Network to help out a friend in need. Transfers are used for the sole purpose of playing games on the UEG Network. Also, make sure that you are sending money to the right user. If you happen to send it to the wrong user please contact support and we will try to correct the problem but can not gaurentee anything. It is ultimately up to the user to make sure that the funds are being sent to the correct person.
Changes to account information and registered details
If you would like to update any of your account information please go to UEG’s Profile Settings page. The link is located in the drop down in the top right corner. Here you may edit any information regarding your account. This is where you would update your mailing address, phone number, email, etc. You may also update information pertaining to your profile such as your screen name, biography, etc. Make sure to make any account changes before you try to cashout or transfer funds from your account.
Generic account information and account security
Users are only able to have one account that is theirs and theirs alone, no sharing, both of these are a breach in UEG’s Terms of Services and are strictly forbidden. To delete your current account you may go to the Profile Settings page and at the very bottom there is a delete account option. Before pushing this make sure it is exactly what you want to do, there is no turning back. If you happen to find another user playing dishonestly (chip dumping, colluding, etc.) or breaking any of our terms of service please contact support@uegpoker.com.
UEG may contact you pertaining to collecting an owed amount. Normally you will be contacted by email asking for you to make a deposit to bring your account back to positive. This will allow you to continue playing any game on the UEG Network.
Settling a Negative Balance
To settle a negative balance you must log into your UEG Network account and make a deposit. This can be done through the Buy Chips page located in the main navigation. You can either deposit the amount that is owed or deposit more to bring your account positive so that you may continue playing. If you receive an email telling you that you owe money and you do not believe it is true please log in and check your account history. If this doesn’t help your case and you still think that it is wrong please contact support@uegpoker.com from the email associated to your account. In the email include the problem and any information that may help UEG in it’s investigation into the matter. If UEG has received a number of returns on your account we will often give the total accumulative value of your returns. If we have three returns for $30, we will email you to let you know the amount of $90 is due.